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Budget News: Public Invited to Participate in City's Budget Process

Post Date:03/01/2017

The city's annual budget is an important and revealing document that reviews the city's financial state and details how the city plans to collect and spend money during the next fiscal year.

Help the City Council determine the city's financial priorities for fiscal year 2017-18 by participating in the annual budget review. The budget document is posted on the city's website.  Information: email, 703-385-7870.

The proposed budget explains the city's goals, proposed programs and activities for that fiscal year. The budget also includes the first year of the five-year Capital Improvement Program.

The City Council will review and discuss the proposed budget at meetings, work session and community outreach meetings. The budget review process will continue until the final budget is adopted (which is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3). 

Click here for the budget review schedule. (Schedule is subject to change.)

The public may address the City Council during the public hearings at City Council meetings and during the public outreach meetings. At work sessions, the public is invited to listen to the discussions, but there are no hearings during which the public may address the City Council. 

Budget meetings, public outreach meetings and work sessions are held at the City Hall Annex and are televised on Cityscreen-12. Click here to view meetings.  Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed.  Schedule is subject to change.

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