Development Review Projects Map

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Welcome to the City of Fairfax's On-line Development Review Map, which allows you to check the status of development projects in the City. The map contains land use applications from January 1, 2012 to present. Projects are removed from the map two years after completion.

Click on the icon to the right to view the Major Development Projects Status Report which provides a brief summary of the status of current major projects under review or construction.

On the map below, click on the highlighted project areas for information such as the project name, address, applicant, description, request, status and appropriate staff member to contact with questions.

Please note there may be more than one project for each area. The pop-up box will display (1 of 2) on the top left corner if there is more than one project for that site. The color coding is described in detail below the map.

ICON - redevelopment status report

The projects have been categorized based on the following project progression:

  1. UNDER REVIEW - An application for a project has been filed with the City and is under staff review.  No action has been taken. Public hearings are held with the Planning Commission and/or City Council prior to final decision. Final decision on approval or denial rests with the City Council
  2. ACTION BY CITY COUNCIL - The project has received approval or denial from City Council. Some projects will not require any further approvals after this step, such as special use permits for child care, dancing and entertainment or delivery services and special exceptions and variances for signage.
  3. SITE PLAN - UNDER REVIEW - Projects that require detailed site plans for the project to be reviewed by staff for compliance with the City Code, Building Codes and conditions of City Council approval. 
  4. SITE PLAN - APPROVED - The project has received both City Council and Site Plan approval but has not begun construction. Proposed construction start date is unknown.  
  5. UNDER CONSTRUCTION - The project has received all necessary City approvals and is currently under construction.
  6. COMPLETE - The project has either received City Council final decision and does not require site plan approval and/or has completed construction and is built. 

Please note that every effort is made to ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. If there are questions on specific projects, please contact the Project Planner associated with the specific application or the Community Development and Planning Department at 703-385-7930.