Energy Efficiency Services


Leap_graphicThe Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) is a nonprofit energy services organization with a mission to lead the effort in local communities to implement energy efficient technologies in buildings to promote cost savings for families and businesses, job creation, energy self-reliance, local economic development, and the mitigation of climate change.  In partnership with the City of Fairfax, LEAP provides the following services for city residents:

 Energy Services


Home Energy Check Up

In this one hour check-up, you will get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency by a professional LEAP energy coach. Where needed, the energy coach will install free energy efficient light bulbs, smart power strips, and more.  The energy check-up will get you started on immediate energy saving measures for your home, as well as a road map towards an ENERGY STAR certified home.  
The value of this package is estimated at well over $250 in goods, savings, and professional advice, but only costs $45. The low price is made possible with the support of the Dominion Power Residential Home Energy Check-Up program.  

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The low cost is made possible by the support of Dominion Virginia Power’s Home Energy Check-Up program.  See to see more details.  Certain restrictions apply.


Comprehensive Energy Assessment

This assessment covers every square inch of your home, wall-to-wall, room-by-room, including crawl space, attic, and garage.  It utilizes the blower-door-test and can sometimes involve a thermographic or “infrared” inspection. It includes vital health and safety components like testing for carbon monoxide and gas leaks and checking for mold and mildew. Overall, the comprehensive energy assessment is a very personal, tailored service with the end goal to make your home a more affordable and livable space. 

The assessment is done by a certified LEAP participating contractor in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program according to Building Performance Institute standards.           

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Approximately $400 - $600 (prices are set by the participating contractors, not LEAP)


Energy Efficiency Renovation Package

This package is for City of Fairfax residents participating in the Fairfax Renaissance Housing Corporation 0% Loan Program that are interested in obtaining assistance from LEAP in identifying and implementing energy efficient retrofits during their home renovation.  This package includes the following:

  • Comprehensive energy assessment (see above) 
  • Initial review of renovation plans with homeowner, contractor, and/or architect 
  • Framing Inspection
  • Insulation Inspection, just before drywall
  • Test out review upon completion

For more information contact the Neighborhood Renaissance Office at 703.385.2494


Cost based on home size:

  • < 3,000 square feet:  $ 900
  • 3001 - 5,000 square feet: $ 1,200
  • >5,000 square feet: customized quote
Note:  Any additional inspections due to incomplete work will be billed on an hourly rate of $100 per hour.