Community Appearance Committee

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What is the City of Fairfax Community Appearance Committee?

The Community Appearance Committee (CAC) is the focal point for efforts to improve the appearance of the commercial, industrial, public, and residential areas of the city through voluntary effort. The Committee advises the city council and appropriate city agencies on matters relating to community appearance and beautification, and sponsors such programs as Adopt-a-Spot; Clean-Up Month; Residential, Commercial, and Neighborhood Winter Appearance Awards; Keep America Beautiful and Tree City USA competitions, and more. . . .


The Committee comprises nine (9) members, all of whom are appointed by the city council. These include representatives from a local garden club and citizens-at-large, one of whom shall be an architect or landscape architect. All appointees must be residents of the city.

Powers and Duties:

The Community Appearance Committee: 

(a)  Initiates, promotes, and assists in the implementation of general community beautification.

(b)  Seeks to coordinate the activities of individuals, agencies, organizations, and groups, (public or private), whose plans, activities, and programs bear on the appearance of the city.

(c)  Prepares both general and specific proposals for improving the appearance of the city. Such proposals may include suggested goals and standards for the aesthetic enhancement of the city or any part thereof, including public ways and areas, open spaces, and public and private buildings and projects.

(d) Participates in appropriate ways in the implementation of such proposals. This participation may include:

(1)  Making studies of the visual assets and liabilities of the community, including surveys and inventories of   an appropriate nature, with particular attention to the appearance of properties along the major streets and thoroughfares of the city.

(2)  Developing and supervising programs of city and citizen cooperation to protect and upgrade such properties, consisting of but not limited to:

a.   Contacts and discussion with citizen groups, business groups, and individuals to encourage cooperative improvement of the city’s appearance.

b.   Promotions and competitions to recognize and reward those business establishments and citizens who make noteworthy improvements in the appearance of their properties.

c.   Cooperative efforts involving the landscaping or screening of setback areas and parking lots of existing commercial and industrial developments, through a program of planting agreements and easements.

(3)  Serving as a general advisory board to the city council, the board of architectural review, and the planning commission in all matters relating to the appearance of the city. In that capacity the committee may recommend new ordinances, amendments to existing ordinances, and other actions it deems appropriate. It may also recommend expenditures in connection with its activities.

(e)  To prepare and submit to the city council an annual report of the activities and plans of the committee. This report shall be submitted on or before the last day of February and shall be made public at the time of its submission. (Ord. No. 1973-27, 10-26-73)


The committee meets on the fourth Thursday of every month, except August, November, and December (December meeting is usually a social function), at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall. Call 703-385-7995 for specific details.